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Important Updates

New Bottle Seal

We are using a new type of bottle cap that provides an air-tight seal through a mechanism in the cap itself. This new cap provides a safe, airtight seal without the need for an inner foil seal.
So if you open a Ripple bottle and do not see an inner tab seal — don't be alarmed! Your product is still fresh and safe for consumption.

Product Stock

Due to an unforeseen production equipment failure, we have been unable to ship out product to our retail partners over the last several weeks. We have since solved these challenges, and production is back underway! Ripple milk, across all flavors, will be shipping out to stores over the next few weeks of September. Thank you for your patience and support!

General Questions

For consumers with questions about Ripple products, please email:


For all sales inquiries, please reach out to:


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For consumers with questions about Ripple products, please call: 1-888-206-1664

Please note this is a voicemail inbox, and we do our best to return all calls same day, M-F. For a faster response please email us at

For all business inquiries, please call: 510-269-2563

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