Ripple Foods Launches Travel-Friendly Kids Pack

by Lena T.

Originally published on:

We wrote about San Francisco-based startup Ripple Foods last year when it debuted the world’s first pea-milk, now available at both Whole Foods and Target. Now, the company has announced that it launched a shelf-stable travel-friendly kids pack at select Target stores nationwide.

The 8oz packs, which are made shelf-stable through a manufacturing process, are available in both Chocolate and Vanilla, with Original and Unsweetened Original set to be released later on this year. According to Ripple, some of the features of the new “lunch box hero” are:

  • 8x more protein than almond milk
  • No Nuts! It is 100{4e45eca1ec2465fa04f735cab4691e8d8aeea1b6dc2efa88a49d5194c171d81c} nut-free, making it safe for school
  • A healthier chocolate milk with 40{4e45eca1ec2465fa04f735cab4691e8d8aeea1b6dc2efa88a49d5194c171d81c} less sugar than competitor chocolate milks
  • It?s also 100{4e45eca1ec2465fa04f735cab4691e8d8aeea1b6dc2efa88a49d5194c171d81c} natural, vegan, and gluten free!
  • No added preservatives

The kids 4-pack sells for $5.99, and since they do not require refrigeration, they are not only ideal for lunch boxes and snacks, but also for active lifestyles and “drinking on the go.” You can find the list of select Target stores here and see for yourself why Ripple’s kids packs are being called the “new summer travel staple!”